Bee Pollen Pills – What Is Bee Pollen?

Bee Pollen Pills – What Is All The Buzz About Bee Pollen?


bee pollen pills

The benefits of bee pollen have been famous for 1000′s of years, and has been used in Egyptian, Chinese and many other cultures as herbal and medicinal products.

Whoever put together the expression “busy as a bee” sure knew what they were referring to.

This incredible insect makes at least 10 pollen runs per day, flying from hive to flower and flower to hive when it gathers its bounty.

In good weather, the combined efforts of any colony of worker bees can result in up to 54,000 pollen loads each day.

Why mention this?

Bee pollen is what gives bees the energy to maintain their phenomenal lifestyle!

 What exactly is bee pollen?

Pollen is obtained by the worker bees at the same time as they are collecting nectar (for honey) from inside flowers. They collect the microscopically fine powder on their legs and bodies, and then the bees pack the powder into granules, by adding nectar or honey from their honey sacs plus some bee saliva.

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This creates what is known as “bee pollen” or “bee bread”. It is also believed to be the ambrosia mentioned in Greek mythology.

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This in turn supplies all the nutrients bees need for growth and development. Without this supply of nutrients, a colony of bees would perish.

What is in this superfood?

  • Also known as the ‘perfect food’  bee bread has positive aspects that come from over 96 different nutrients, and this  contains every nutrient also necessary to sustain human life.
  • From the 22 proteins, vitamin C, foliate and B-complex to the polyunsaturated fatty acids, enzymes, and carotene, the advantages of this pollen are extensive.
  • It is also high in protein, as 40% of it is manufactured out of protein, which can be used by your body without additional breakdown, or having to go through the known metabolic processes that provides the energy that sustains life and growth.
  • It also benefits your body by providing trace elements which are vital for your whole body to stay healthy, but which the human body cannot create naturally by itself.
  • Minerals with proven health advantages for instance calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, manganese, copper and zinc are commonly provided by regular doses of the pollen.

This food benefits you so much, and is also so natural, that this cannot be replicated by science.

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In fact, scientists trying to recreate a synthetic extract that seemed identical in every way to natural bee pollen found that the bees rejected it, and died inside a week.

That is another of the advantages of this wonderful food – it can only be found naturally.

 How this pollen benefits your health

Although there are many claims for the benefits of this pollen, not every positive feature has been completely proven through scientific or placebo-based studies but by anecdotal evidence over the years.

The following benefits have most certainly been accepted by doctors and nutritionists as valid health improvements so you’ll most likely receive these when taking these as supplements:

  • It improves your disease fighting capability

The pollen benefits your immune system by giving it vital ingredients including protein, mono and polyunsaturated fats, calcium selenium, nucleic acids, lecithin, magnesium, cysteine and sources of vitamin B, C, D, E – all of which have been proven to strengthen your body’s defense mechanism from the inside.

  • It reduces allergy sensitivity

It contains traces of many substances that trigger reactions including hay fever. It is believed by allergist’s that by prescribing the pollen to sufferers in small doses that it could possibly easily lower your sensitivity to local plant airborne pollens, easing the complications of hay fever and other adverse reactions.

  • Decreases stress levels

Because one of the principal great things about this superfood is its complete nutrient profile which contains each and every substance our bodies needs such as the amino acids, vitamins and essential fatty acids which can reduce stress and put you in a better mood.

Those with moodiness can stabilize this through taking dietary supplements containing bee bread regularly.

  •  It boosts energy

Athletes have discovered that this pollen benefits energy and endurance, both mental and physical. While it isn’t clear precisely why this can be, it makes sense that the comprehensive spectrum of nutrients that the pollen provides can be used especially for your overall health and well-being.This is certainly why athletes take premium quality energy supplements containing bee pollen for energy and endurance.

  • Helps with weight control

The pollen and its properties help to balance the body metabolism, which may be involved with abnormal weight gain by stimulating your metabolic processes.

  • Helps with Acne

Poor diet is one of the possible causes of which is mainly caused internally. This pollen is a complete food that contains a high concentration of amino acids, vitamins, proteins, minerals and other nutrients.

 Side effects

Fortunately for most people, the benefits of this pollen come with no negative effects whatsoever.

An extremely small percentage within the population that are allergic to bees, or who definitely have increased sensitivity to bee venom should avoid taking bee products, or supplements that include bee pollen in their ingredients.

 How to get the true benefits of bee bread

Because of the incredible pollen health benefits and the low risks involved, we would strongly recommend supplementing your diet program using a high-quality dietary supplement .

As long as you as you are not allergic to bees it cannot be a problem to be able to supplement your diet with this pollen.

An exception to this particular rule can be with this product called Natural Energy.  By using their unique, patented  process to prepare the supplements, they have been making over 95% of the nutrients accessible to your body.

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