Fertility For Men and Women

Bee Pollen And Fertility – How Bee Pollen Increases Your Fertility

bee pollen and fertility

Bee pollen  has been used for fertility problems for many years.

This pollen is a natural food which contains a range of nutrients that have numerous health benefits, for example – the immune system, weight control, allergies, prostate and fertility.

What is infertility in a woman?

Infertility means the women not being able to get pregnant after one year of trying.

Most cases of female infertility are caused when ovulation does not take place.

Without ovulation, there are no eggs to be fertilized.

However, there are many other causes that can cause infertility such excess weight, poor nutrition and hormone imbalance among others.

Infertility in a man is most often caused by problems that affect his sperm.

It is the lack of a strong and healthy sperm cell count.

Unhealthy sperm cells are not able to reach the egg for fertilization.
A man’s sperm can often be changed by changing his general health and way of life.

 What are the fertility benefits of bee pollen?

This pollen is densely packed with the 96 nutrients which is every known nutrient required to maintain human life.

The pollen is 40% protein which your body can be use without further breakdown, or without going through the metabolic process.

Bee pollen also provides trace elements which are essential to maintain the health of your body but which the human body cannot physically create itself so this it must come from external sources.

Regular doses of  pollen provides minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, manganese, copper and zinc, all of which have established health advantages.

What are the Benefits For Women?

 For women trying to conceive, the pollen increases estrogen levels, which stimulates ovarian function and the release of healthy eggs during ovulation.The pollen also improved the ability of the eggs to withstand the incubation period.

Bee pollen is one of the natural methods of enhancing fertility and nutrition levels. As you get healthier and more hormonally balanced, your fertility will naturally improve.

It increases the chances of conception without the typical side effects of conventional treatments.

The pollen can also improve libido, energy levels and the body’s immune system.

 Men And Bee Pollen For Fertility

Bee pollen helps to increase the sperm count that enhances male fertility and increased sexual performance.

It also helps with any prostate problems. You can read more about this if you click here.

By taking this supplement men will also find increased energy, weight control and a general feeling of wellbeing – all benefits that can increase fertility.

For both men and women, this superfood is perfect for both preventing and dealing with fertility problems.

 Possible Side Effects

In rare cases it is possible to get some minor side effects from the pollen. However, if you know that you are allergic to bees, then either proceed with great caution, or do not use these supplements.

You can read more about it at http://pollenhealthbenefits.com/bee-pollen-side-effects/

A good source of bee pollen

Before you buy bee pollen, make sure that it is fresh, clean and pure.

Polluted pollen from highly industrialized countries can contain heavy metals, chemicals and other toxins. To buy the best bee pollen supplements for fertility, contact only the best suppliers and manufacturers of these supplements.





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