The Bee Pollen Benefits for Men and Their Health Problems

Bee Pollen Benefits For Men of All Ages

bee pollen benefits for men

The benefits of  bee pollen for men are many and whether you are a young, middle-aged or an older man, you could change your life for the better by considering taking a daily bee pollen supplement.

There are some aspects of the following benefits which will help men only but at the same time when the general benefits are for everyone then they can also be included under the heading of bee pollen benefits for men.

Bee pollen for men’s health problems

The most commonly found general health problems for men are usually:

  • being overweight
  • unfit
  • loss of libido (sex drive)
  • prostate problems as they get older

Being overweight and unfit is very much a modern phenomenon and this can be helped a lot by bee pollen as it controls weight loss, or gain by regulating the metabolism whilst at the same time  increasing energy levels.

 Increased bee pollen libido

A further benefit for men is its ability to help with loss of libido.

Your sex drive or libido can be increased by absorbing the balance of essential fatty acids, amino acids and vitamins that help enhance mood and fight stress.

Bee pollen also has a remarkable effect on sperm count and increased fertility.

 Bee Pollen as a Solution for Prostate problems?

For many men who have reached middle age, a major health disorder is an enlarged prostate. Bee pollen helps by reducing inflammation of the prostate and also helps it to function better because the pollen is such a source of powerful antioxidants complete with its concentration of vitamins and minerals.

You can read more about it at

Bee pollen and prostate research

Dallas Clouatre, Ph.D. a researcher and author, has written a book “Flower Pollen for Prostate Health”, and in that book he states that men with prostate problems, who take bee pollen, find that it results in considerable improvement and reduction of the symptoms.

In particular he says that “less night time urination, improved bladder emptying, and reduced prostate discomfort.”

Another study managed by Dr. Gosta Leander of Sweden came to the conclusion that the pollen can extensively affect the inflammation and swelling of the prostate.

Also, researchers from the department of urology, University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff conducted a placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical trial of 60 men. They found that pollen extract was an effective treatment for prostatitis and prostate enlargement.

Dr. Naum Petrowitsch Joirisch a member of the Academy of Science of the U.S.S.R. lists prostatitis among the conditions that was treated successfully with bee pollen by Russian doctors.

Swedish and German doctors also use a pure pollen product (Cerniltron from Sweden) with conventional therapy to non surgically treat prostate problems


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The benefits of bee pollen for men are many and varied and increased studies show that.

The well known story of  the famous Noel Johnson and bee pollen, which you can read here, in which he credits his remarkable achievements to bee pollen, is a story that all men should read

As an added bonus, it can slow down aging.


bee pollen for men


Finding the best bee pollen

Bee pollen from highly industrialized countries is frequently contaminated with pollution which devalues any benefits so it makes sense to ensure that you source your  pollen from a clean place.

Also, most bee products are ineffective at releasing their ingredients as the majority just passes right through your system.

A company called Xtend Life, from the pristine source of New Zealand, has managed to overcome these problems and it carries out a patented process to prepare the bee pollen by mixing it slowly with special enzymes, a process that makes an incredible 95% of its nutrients obtainable for the body.

These enzymes actually enhance the absorption process making it much better for your overall health.

This company even guarantees its products. I quote:

“If you need to claim a refund we will give you plenty of time to do it…in fact, up to 6 months from the date of your purchase.”

Gentlemen, what have you got to lose?

Find out more about how the bee pollen benefits for men so that you can enjoy this “nature’s superfood” and improve your lifestyle and wellbeing.