Candida Treatment

Bee Pollen For Candida – The Natural Cure

bee pollen for candida

Using Bee pollen for candida seems to be a strange combination, however bee pollen is actually a natural treatment option for candida.

Many doctors or physicians either don’t seem to recognize the condition or just recommend expensive prescription medicines. Whilst the medicines can eliminate the yeast it doesn’t necessarily get to the root of the problem, and as such the candida could return.

 What exactly is candida?

Candida is the common term for yeast infection, candidiasis, thrush or vaginitis, and is caused by an overgrowth of candida albicans. This is a natural fungus or yeast that is already present in the body, mouth, intestines and genitals of all of us.

As a rule it lives in harmony with the assortment of other bacteria in the body, and when your immune system is functioning properly the amount of candida in your body is correctly balanced.

Candida occurs when the balance of bacteria in the body is upset, which allows the yeast organism to multiply rapidly and take over.

This results in numerous possible conditions but is usually a very uncomfortable and itchy time for women but which can also occur in men to a lesser degree.

There are a number of reasons for the causes of candida but the foremost contributors are a high sugar diet, refined foods, stress and the excessive use of antibiotics.

 Candida treatment with bee pollen

This candida natural cure works by restoring the right balance to the immune system, restoring the body’s natural healthy balance, and killing off the candida at the source due to its active anti-bacterial and antifungal properties.

However, before we go any further it is important to note that this does not include honey which can make the condition worse due to its high sugar content.

Beware of products that combine bee pollen and honey!

Another added benefit is that when taking bee pollen for your candida problems  you are also making your complete body healthier.

The pollen is nourishing as it has all of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients a body needs for just a very few calories and many other benefits.

 Finding a reliable, healthy source

Bee pollen purchased for the treatment of candida needs to be bought from a reputable, clean source. There are many different bee products available but some of these come from highly industrialized countries and chances are that the pollen is polluted as a result.

We use, and recommend bee pollen supplements from New Zealand, a very clean and unpolluted country indeed.

We have total confidence in the products of XtendLife to use bee pollen for the treatment of your candida, and get rid of this unpleasant condition once and for all.

In the meantime to start the ball rolling try to eat less white flour products, less processed foods and make sure you drink more water!


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