Bee Pollen vs Royal Jelly – Which is Best?

Bee Pollen vs Royal Jelly – Which Is Better?

bee feeding from apple blossomThe debate about bee pollen vs royal jelly is a debate that has been around for quite some time.

However, while they are both produced by bees, and they can both give amazing results, that is where the sameness ends.

What is Bee Pollen?

Bee Pollen is gathered by bees when they are collecting nectar from flowers. Pollen adheres to the body and legs of the bees and with the addition of some nectar and enzymes from the bee the mixture becomes what is known as bee pollen.

This is taken to the hives to be used as food by the worker bees which help them to lead their extremely busy lives.

The pollen comes in the form of granules which are packed with all the nutrients needed for life.

What is Royal Jelly?

Royal jelly on the other hand is a milky white substance secreted from glands in the heads of the worker bees and which is used to feed and build up the larvae.

This is stopped after 3 days for the majority of the larvae who are destined to become worker bees.

A few of the  larvae are retained, and feeding of royal jelly continues for them as these chosen larvae will become a queen bee, hence the name royal jelly.

Royal jelly consists of 67% water, 12% protein with the addition of some trace minerals, enzymes and Vitamin C.

Analysis has shown that the contents of this jelly have wound-healing, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory effects.

 Comparison between Bee Pollen vs Royal Jelly

Both of these foods share many ingredients and both originate from the pollen in flowers but bee pollen contains more protein which makes it popular with athletes and bodybuilders.

Royal jelly on the other hand is especially formulated for larvae and for feeding the queen bees. Whilst it is also indirectly created from bee pollen, when the pollen is formulated into royal jelly some of the original nutrients are lost.

Bee pollen has many more nutrients including Vitamin B Complex so the choice between the two really comes down to whether you need the better nutritional benefits of bee pollen with it’s multitude of benefits, or the anti-inflammatory, antibiotic effects of royal jelly.

However, as both bee pollen and royal jelly have complementary benefits a combination of the two is a powerful mix indeed.

Getting The Best Possible Supplement

Whatever you decide in the discussion about bee pollen and royal jelly it is always worth taking the time to research and find the suppliers who are not middle-men but manufacturers who will provide the best quality products made to pharmaceutical standards.