Noel Johnson And Bee Pollen

Noel Johnson And Bee Pollen

noel johnson and bee pollen


Noel Johnson is a man who became famous for his athletic achievements.

You are probably asking what is so important about that and what is the connection between Noel Johnson and bee pollen?

It becomes important when you hear that at the age of 65 years this man, Noel Johnson, was a smoker who was overweight and whose heart was about to give out.

Because of this he was turned down for life insurance and given 6 months to live, and was also told by his doctors that he should not even cut the grass in his yard!

However, he decided that he would not accept this and he made some dramatic changes in his life by starting to walk and by eating a more healthy diet. He included bee pollen in this diet regime and and soon he was actually out running. He became fit and healthy again.

He lived for another 35 years and during that time he set world records for seniors in the New York marathons and also held a boxing record as the World’s Greatest Senior Boxer.

Between the ages of 70 and 90 years he ran about 21 marathons, winning many prizes along the way.

Noel Johnson attributes all this success to bee pollen.

He stated that ” I made the use of bee pollen the essential facet of my nutrition program …”

He had discovered that bee pollen was packed with minerals, vitamins, proteins, amino acids and other enzymes – in fact all the nutrition he needed to repair and maintain his body.

In fact at the time of his death he was working on a book about his journey back to health called “ A Dud at 70, a Stud at 80”.

He did die of heart failure – at the age of 96 years!

Quite a story.

Bee Pollen And Noel Johnson

We can learn a lot from the story of Noel Johnson and the benefits of bee pollen.

Noel obtained his pollen granules at that time from High Desert Bee Pollen, a company which today states that they use pollen harvested from many different geographical areas to give the bee pollen a “ more balanced nutritional profile”.

However, it is very difficult to know where the bees have been and there could possibly be some concern about bees collecting the pollen from areas where there is a question mark about airborne industrial pollution.

Bee pollen granules are used by numerous people and it is fair to say that some like bee pollen taken this way and some do not.

Granules can have a bitter taste, and they come enclosed in an outer shell or husk, and if this is not removed the body can only gain benefits of approximately 3 – 5% of the total nutritional benefits as it difficult to digest and therefore goes right through the system.

Today things have moved on and there are more efficient and convenient ways of ingesting bee pollen. This can be achieved by taking a bee pollen pill, or capsule supplement which contains a measured dose and which is easy to take.

Finding the best bee pollen

 It is unfortunate that these days there is a lot of pollution in the world, and the largest supplier of basic bee pollen is China, a country that does not keep high standards when it comes to pollution.

In fact any highly industrialized countries can have pollution issues.

If you would like to gain some of the benefits that Noel Johnson enjoyed then you might like take a look at XtendLife of New Zealand.

This company creates bee pollen supplements using bee pollen harvested from bees in one of the few pristine, unpolluted sources to be found in the world and even better comes from a national park in South Island, New Zealand.

XtendLife is involved with the complete process from the basic, raw bee pollen all the way to the final product. These products are made and inspected to the highest standards possible.

They ship worldwide and we have found that they ship next day and it usually arrives within 4-5 days.

In concluding we would suggest that you take a look at this company, which we can personally recommend, and hopefully enjoy all the same benefits as Noel Johnson.