Where Can I Buy Bee Pollen?

Where Can The Best Bee Pollen Be Found?

where can I buy bee pollen

When asking the question “Where can I buy bee pollen?” we would like to suggest that you really need to ask “where can I buy the best, unpolluted bee pollen?”

Bee pollen with its many health benefits is well worth trying if you haven’t tried it before.

However, bee pollen is a food and it makes sense to make sure that you are getting quality when you are dealing with your health.

The forms in which bee pollen can be found

Bee pollen can be found in 3 main forms, and these are:

  • granules
  • tablets or pills
  • capsules

Granules are pollen in its raw state, which has not been processed at all apart from sometimes freeze dried to drive out moisture.

However, the granules have a limited shelf life unless they are kept in the freezer or at very least in the refrigerator.

Many people prefer to take bee pollen this way and often mix the granules in their drinks, cereals and other foods.

Some people have problems digesting the shell-encased granules so they often consider alternatives like tablets, pills or capsules.

Tablets or pills is a bee pollen supplement which has been powdered and compressed, and can often be coated to stop degradation before eating.

A capsule is bee pollen supplement which has been freeze dried, converted into powder and then encased in an “envelope” i.e. put into a capsule. This ensures that the ingredients are delivered to the right place in the body for maximum effectiveness.

 What Is The Best Place To Buy Bee Pollen?

Bee pollen can be found on supermarket shelves, health food stores, with beekeepers or you can buy online.

However, before buying you need to check out the supplements you are thinking of buying as many are of poor quality and in some cases can be harmful.

Finding a quality bee pollen supplier

Look for a legitimate supplier or manufacturer who sources bee pollen from pristine surroundings, where pollution is zero, and also where the manufacturer is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant.

You can read more about GMP at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Good_manufacturing_practice

This will make sure that the supplements are manufactured to the same standards as pharmaceutical standards as required by the EU, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand Japan, Iran, India – and other countries involved with the WHO (World Health Organization).

If the vendor you are considering cannot, or will not, tell you where the bee pollen is coming from then would suggest that you try another supplier.

Your health comes first!

A clean and healthy environment

We have spent a long time in the past checking out the suppliers of bee pollen supplements, and today we can say that one of the best providers of quality supplements is XtendLife of New Zealand.

This company, located in the South Island of New Zealand meets all the requirements and more. The country has extremely strict environmental regulations concerning pollution and pesticides.

This company can also be contacted by telephone, email, fax or post and you can also discuss or ask questions by using their chat line. All products carry a 365-day guarantee!

Their products also far exceed US FDA requirements so that when we ask ourselves the question “where can I buy bee pollen” we already know the answer.


where can I buy bee pollen